EPISODE 5 // 22.june 2017// 9.00-11.00 AM

Morgenbooster Executive: Data


So digital means transformation, and one of the main pillars is no surprise data. In this episode we'll look at how to harvest and benefit from data. We'll look at the structures on a data strategy and how to monitor the damn thing


1st half

Visitors view:
Touring the site


Tour de force:
What happened since our last meeting


2nd half

Data: What will happen when 20 billion machines get connected in 2020?

Short brief on how to turn data into assets with the Data Value Generator framework. What data should we look for, how can we benefit from crunching data and how do we monitor performance in order to inform and empower our business and customers.


Killer messages: Define the perfect information deriving from your data set
So let's start defining a data strategy and build the killer sentence or piece of information that will empower your business (or at least serve as explanation on the power of dataprocessing)


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